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AmatekChem is fully equipped to offer a broad scope of services, including:

  • Custom Synthesis

    • From mg to kg scale

    • Custom focused library synthesis

    • Synthesis of reference compounds, scaffolds, building blocks

    • Asymmetric synthesis; Resolution for chiral compounds

    • With our highly-skilled chemists & state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver not only compounds but also reliable, high quality synthesis service. All inquiries are welcome.

  • Custom Manufacturing

    • Contract manufacturing for bulky quantities

    • Process optimization for commercial production

    • Synthetic route scouting and Experimental design

    • Technology transfer

    • kilos to tons scale up

  • Contract Research (FTE Based Service)

    • Our contract research services include Synthetic chemistry, Process chemistry, library design synthesis and aid in lead generation & lead optimization efforts. We offer high quality and timely contract research services made to your specifications.

  • Catalogue Products

    • Unnatural & natural amino acids

    • Functional PEG Linkers

    • Building blocks

    • Bioactive Compounds & Natural Products

    • Drug Impurities & Metabolites

When we receive your inquire about custom chemicals, we will give you feedback with price and lead time in 24 to 48 hours. Please send the chemical information to